NextGenVest: 16 City Launch

  • Advisor to Founder / CEO
  • Developed and executed growth strategy across major markets
  • Trained and managed outbound team
  • Sourced marketing partnerships with national brands

DocSend: GTM Strategy

  • Worked with CEO to build sales machine that grew ACV 4x
  • Signed largest clients including New York Times and Forbes
  • Built teams, drove new verticals, and created client facing content

onefinestay: Product Launch

  • Led creation of new B2B product from existing B2C platform
  • Lobbied NYC leadership during adverse political climate
  • Landed national press coverage

WillCall: Selling to Ticketfly

  • Sourced and led the $XXM acquisition of WillCall to Ticketfly
  • Ensured investors return, Ticketfly with the best-in-class team and WillCall the ability to accelerate its vision

Ticketfly Canada.gif

Ticketfly: Leading Strategic Development

  • Employee #18; Supported COO on all strategic activity
  • Launched Ticketfly internationally
  • Sourced, negotiated and implemented partnerships across startups and the F500