Me and the wife.

Who I Am: 

A former musician who sold out for startups. Currently leading capital raising and growth at Tari Labs, a decentralized digital assets protocol. Early BD at Ticketfly (#18) then WillCall (#8) then sold one to the other. Launched product and designed the GTM strategies at onefinestay then DocSend (#9) while mentoring at Grand Central Tech and advising at Fevo. Friend to founders, creatives and degenerates. Currently enjoying dual citizenship in NYC and SF with my wife, Whitney who makes the occasional appearance in Vanity Fair

What I Do:

I fundraise for startups and commercialize new products. For startups, (series seed - A) it means figuring out how to bring ideas to market while building a scalable rinse-and-repeat process that ensures sustainability. For later stage companies, I work with senior execs to map their next strategic move to drive revenue and growth. Think equal parts strategy, deal making, and elbow grease. Deal coverage includes Fortune, Cheddar, The New York Times, Billboard, Forbes and TechCrunch

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